Meet Brandon!


Stephanie is the best! She’s been where all of us have been and knows the struggle of not being able to achieve our goals by just doing treadmill or not knowing how to work odd machines. She pushes you to achieve your goal and makes sure you stay on track! Anytime night or day she is always there to help me keep focus on my journey. Love training with her!!

Meet Nancy!


Stephanie is great at motivating you to keep going. She pushes you to be and do your best. I’ve never been one to workout, but she has me hooked! I’ve lost over 15 inches. She is amazing!! Love Kettle Plates! Don’t take it from me. You should give her and the classes a try to see for yourself!!!

Meet Jennifer!


Stephanie Metcalf is the best. I was working my rear off on the elliptical everyday and lifting weights with no results. Stephanie sat down with me for over an hour she listened to all my frustrations and what I wanted to achieve. I stopped everything I was doing and with her kettle plates class, bootcamp and logging my food on my fitness pal....... I'm down 9lbs and over 11 inches. I exercise, I've ALWAYS exercised but I have learned with her help the right exercises to do to get results. She has been invaluable to me.

Meet April!


I've tried several gyms, several trainers and many programs. I have either not been impressed or didn't get the vibe that I mattered enough. While this is MY journey and MY effort, I need the inspiration and positive motivation that I find in Stephanie. Her heart is really into this, as much as mine is. I'm very happy I found her.

Meet Lisa!


Knowing I may develop chronic arthritis, as this is part of my family history, I knew I had to strength train to get my body to its best. Body builders were intimidating and I didn't want to do, just cardio. 

I haven't found any other workouts as effective as KETTLEPLATES. After participating in a 30 day challenge and finding myself losing 11 inches, my body is transforming! Energy increase, flexibility, balnce and the way I feel I can't wait to go to class!

Meet Melissa


I love, love, love Stephanie Rice Metcalf's attitude and outlook! She is different than any other class leader I've worked with. The class is fun and upbeat, but not too hard to follow. I've seen results in myself in 1 week!