Online Ultimate Fat Loss Program

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How many times have you started, stopped and didn't see the results you were looking for? What if I can take out the guess work of what you need to do to change your lifestyle forever?! This Ultimate Fat Loss Program does just that. This is a process, and will take time, but the results will be undeniable. 

For $5 a day you will receive: 

-24 hour online access to your trainer -Customized nutrition plan, tailored to the foods you like to eat 

-Specific fitness program to acheive your GOALS 

-4 day check ins with your Trainer (this will be your responsbility to follow up) -Exclusive monthly newsletter 

-GOALS Training t-shirt 

-A 30 minute 1:1 online video session each week with your Trainer to discuss success, struggles and motivation for the week

-Unlimited adjustments to your nutrition and/or fitness program as needed to reach your GOALS 

-A one hour 1:1 in person session with your Trainer (as long as you live in a 70 mile radius of Richmond, Ky). Trainer will come to you 

-Community Private Facebook Group. Network with others who have similar goals as you. This group helps motivate, hold one another accountable, share recipes and education regarding health and wellness, and make new friends to support your new lifestyle

-Three month minimum sign-up requirement. Rome was not built in a day, and anything worth having takes time.